Southwestern Region

Membership Services


Fastest Growing Region

Project “Push-Pull-Push” is a membership growth plan developed in the Southwestern Region by our Immediate Past Regional Director Bro. TJ Lewis, targeting financial and non-financial brothers in the local city/areas where I chapters operate, along with the Membership Intake Process. Each chapter should appoint/elect a Membership Development Chairman with an energetic committee to perform these tasks.

We will ensure that Brothers are given the opportunity to learn the best practices and the reasons for positive Membership Growth.  Motivating others to achieve will continue to be our method of operation. As we have followed this plan, we have experienced exponential growth in the Southwestern Region and now we must move forward to retain that development.

Champion Sigma Wellness

Sigma Wellness is an umbrella name for all initiatives that fall under our three global programs – Bigger & Better Business, Social Action, Education - and the Sigma Beta Club. Chapters are required to fulfill the six (6) programs that were mandated and approved fraternity at Conclave 2013 in Philadelphia. The objectives of Sigma Wellness are:

  • To support Sigma’s vision of ensuring programs are focused and committed to serving our communities and serving young males through mentoring and scholarships.

  • To ensure symmetry among all of our organizational and community initiatives.

  • To develop a sense of pride and commitment in the community toward healthy living that will reduce the incidences of health conditions that adversely affect men of color.

Our programs range from increasing personal development of the brotherhood to directly facing epidemics that affect our communities. Lastly, the Southwestern Region will continue to be frontrunners in program implementation and reporting through the Program Implementation Assessment (PIA) process.

I believe in all that Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity represents….and I will herald and defend it even against the world!”