Southwestern Region

Regional Debate Contest

Topic: Fraternities and Sororities Perceived Hindrance to Performance within Higher Education

Resolved: Are they Relevant or Irrelevant?

Education is the primary objective for attending universities.  Many faculty and administrators at major colleges and universities have put forth the notion of the elimination of all fraternities and sororities, to increase focus and academic performance.  Please share with us how these organizations are, or are not, still needed on major college and university campuses.  This year’s contest will be in the Cross-Examination Format. A two-member team from each chapter will represent and debate the above topic.
Prepare thoroughly and good luck. Please follow the steps below which will guide you to key information on the debate.

  1. Refer to the following website for
  2. Review the Research Topic Link for a variety of resources which can be implemented in your debate.
  3. Click on the Learn Debate Link and scroll down to Understand Cross Examination Debate
  4. Click on Understand Cross Examination Debate and then scroll down to Outline of CX Debate
  5. Click on Outline of CX Debate and review the debate outline structure. Teams must prepare for both the affirmative and negative.
  6. Once you have reviewed the debate format return to the Understand Cross Examination Debate Page and click on The Code of the Debater: Introduction to the Way of Reason. This should be extremely supportive in understanding the intricacies of debating.
  7. Your team preparation for the debates should include use of resources on the Debate Central website; however, you may use others as well. Be sure to also review the Evidence Link to gain valuable insight and details.