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HIV / AIDS Epidemic

Conversations Among Brothers Series
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In an effort to raise the awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on the African-American male population, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, through it Sigma Wellness signature initiative has developed a new project, the Conversations Among Brothers Series. This initiative is targeted at African American men on college campuses and is designed to encourage ongoing peer-to-peer discussions about topics and issues that adversely impact African-American men, particularly HIV/AIDS.

With the alarming number of African-American men between the ages 17-24 that are infected with the disease, it is imperative for organizations whose membership encompasses such demographics to take a proactive position in helping to address this matter of urgency. To that end, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, primarily through its collegiate chapters, seeks to facilitate ongoing dialogue among Brothers on college campuses. In addition, the Fraternity seeks to encourage African-American men to not only become aware of the impact of the disease on our communities but to get tested and become advocates for HIV/AIDS testing.

The Fraternity realizes the need to leverage the power of peer interaction and actively engage young people in their educational efforts in a way that goes well beyond typical initiatives like lectures and traditional programs. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity wishes to directly involve young people in a peer-to-peer way which adds energy and momentum to the educational efforts and objectives as set forth in this new initiative.

GET TESTED-this is the first step in protecting yourself and others from infection

Encourage your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to get tested.  I encourage you all to participate or host a testing event in your community.  It is easy to do and does not require a lot of work.  Just secure a location, example; place of worship or mobile van, contact your local health department to have someone come to do the testing, and spread the word through flyers, face book, local radio stations, and twitter.  If you need help, just email me back and I will work with you to make sure that the event happens.
With your help, we can keep HIV front and center and address tough issues like homophobia, discrimination, and stigma that have surrounded HIV and prevent too many African Americans from seeking testing, treatment, and support.
Remember the date: June 27, 2012 - National HIV Testing Day.


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