Southwestern Region

Living Well Brother-To-Brother

Thank you for your interest in the Sigma Wellness: Living Well Brother-to-Brother Initiative. We are excited about Sigma’s leadership role in eliminating health disparities in men of color. Please take a moment and read below prior to conducting a workshop.

  • Living Well is a men’s health initiative designed to educate and inform the community about key health issues facing men of color. This initiative is meant to engage the community in a dialogue about our health and solutions to improve our well-being.
  • The Program Guide is designed around five health modules. Each module has one or more sessions and should be completed in its entirety before moving on to the next module.
  • Each module has a series of slides. The slides and manual are designed to work together to provide consistency and simplicity. All may be downloaded under Members > Initiatives Forms.
  • You may supplement the slides with relevant and audience friendly audio or visual materials of your own choosing or with guest speakers.
  • It is best to plan out the workshop a few weeks ahead of time. Preferably, the workshops can coincide with the Sigma Social Action Calendar.
  • Brothers are advised to practice the slides a day or two before your workshop presentation. This allows you to become familiar with the language, topics and the transition of the slides.
  • Take attendance, take pictures, provide a pre-test and post-test for attendees (materials included in the guide). This will help us better understand our effectiveness in the community, as well as provide us key information for building future programming.
  • Brothers should first train each other on the modules so that every active Brother in the Chapter is familiar with the topics, and then prepare to conduct the workshops in the community.
  • We encourage Brothers that when appropriate co-host the event with our sisters Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Conducting the Living Well workshops provides an excellent opportunity for professional development, strengthened public speaking skills and enhanced organizational know-how.
  • Report, Report, Report! The hosting Brother must build a workshop portfolio and report activities.
  • Get the media involved. Save newspaper clippings; contact the local health department and let them know of your work. Engage health educators on your campus; organize health fairs. Record and keep the pre-tests and post-tests (send the Social Action Director copies).
  • Complete the assessments at the end and mail with your workshop portfolios.
  • Complete the new online PIA form. We want to acknowledge our Sigma Wellness Leaders!