Southwestern Region

Regional Oratorical Contest

Oratorical Topic

President Barack Obama recently announced, at the 2012 Conference of the National Urban League, through a Presidential Executive Order, a new initiative developed and designed to improve Educational Opportunities and Outcomes for African Americans.  Please share with us your perspectives regarding this new initiative’s potential for success over the next four years, and how Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., can best advocate for and participate in the initiative.
More information regarding this initiative can be found at:

Oratorical Rules

Participants must adhere to the following rules for the topic presented:

  1. Each participant will have five minutes to address the given topic.
  2. No props are allowed.
  3. Each participant must present a perspective supported with relevant reasons and/or examples.
  4. Participants must demonstrate knowledge of the current issues to validate perspectives.
  5. Participants must be able to organize thoughts in a cohesive and fluid manner.