Southwestern Region

Sigma International Leadership Academy

SELF Curriculum
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The Sigma International Leadership Academy recognizes the importance of preparing and empowering the next generation of leaders. The fraternity not only aims to develop the essential leadership traits of its members but it also seeks to position itself as a leading proactive organization that is engage in the communities it seeks to serve.

Leadership Tracks are designed to explore high-level concepts and develop comprehensive views for leadership. Additionally, they are designed to challenge participants to envision a stronger
Fraternity and to lead, advocate and own greatness.

Our approach to developing our training modules has been organized under the following categories. Each category has been designated as vital to the development of each fraternity chapter and it is part of the framework that serves as the impetus for the community conference.

A. Sigma’s Leadership Mandate
B. The Academy Plan and Work Scope
C. Centralized Leadership Agenda with Regional and State Trainers
D. The Academy’s Continuous Process Improvement Plan
A. Assessing Personal Leadership Styles
B. Setting Personal and Professional Plans and Goals for Leadership Success
C. Dream Making and Vision Casting
A. Building Strong Sigma Chapters
B. Roles and Responsibilities of Officers
C. Managing Chapters for Logistical Success
D. Conducting Chapter Assessment/Audits